Plastic Bag Ban


From July 1 the single use plastic bag ban will be bannned to all retailers in Queensland for in-store and online sales. Woolworths have announced that they will be no longer be selling lightweight plastic bags – less than 35 microns thick – with handles.

The ban will apply to the following bags:
– lightweight plastic bags, less than 35 microns thick, with handles (‘singlet’ bags) including those deemed biodegradable, degradable or compostable.

So, what bags are allowed?
The ban will not apply to the following bags:

  • barrier bags for unpackaged perishable foodstuffs (typically fruit and vegetable and deli-style bags)
  • woven or fabric bags (like ‘green’ bags)
  • heavier-weight plastic bags (like those used by department stores)
  • bags that are integral to a product’s packaging (such as a bread bag)
  • kitchen tidy bags.

Plastic bags that are integral to a product’s packaging like bread bags, bait bags or sealed packaging are allowed.

To assist with this transition. we ask all customers to bring their own reusable shopping bags.

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